6 09, 2018

Tips for managing jealousy


1. Giving children Me Time Think about the balance in your family’s day-to-day life, and whether every child’s voice is being heard equally. It’s important that children do sometimes get what they’re asking for, or are made to feel like the centre of attention, or are given the chance to choose for themselves. It’s easy [...]

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6 09, 2018

Tips for keeping children calm


1. An evening routine Establish the same evening routine every night before going to bed. Repetition and familiarity will make your child feel safe and have a calming effect. Keep it simple, you could start with a bath, then brushing teeth, followed by a bedtime story and a goodnight cuddle.   2. Breathing and relaxation [...]

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6 09, 2018

Tips to encourage inclusive play


1. Draw on a child’s own experiences Does your child have personal experiences of bullying or being bullied? Or have there been times when your child has been left out of a game or not wanted to let someone else join in? How did that feel for? Talk it over with the child.   2. [...]

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21 10, 2017

How to discover your strengths


1. Observe your child and encourage him/her to recognize the things that he/she enjoys doing or is especially good at. We all do different things differently. Pay attention to your child and take note of what he/she enjoys doing most or is very good at. Some children enjoy reading, others dancing or climbing. Not all [...]

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21 10, 2017

How to control your temper


1. Help the child to recognize anger, and talk through the cause together Feeling cross can bring on a hurricane of emotions when the child is angry. Help the child to recognize the feeling and identify the cause: “I can see that you are upset. Your beautiful balloon burst and now you feel miserable.” Listen [...]

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21 10, 2017

How to be more determined


1. Remember to give positive feedback, acknowledging your child’s efforts and not only the achievements Trying is more important than succeeding. It’s not always about the destination - the journey can also be of great value. Encourage your child to take the initiative and to try again. When playing together, it’s not about winning the [...]

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