“I want to help children to learn the most important skills in life, and I want to see the joy of discovery.”

Maija Hytti
Pedagogue and happy mother of a new born baby

“Emotional skills are the key to happiness and well-being. Let’s make learning them fun and easy for everyone!”

Heidi Livingston
Psychologist and mother of a curious child

“I believe that emotions are like a compass that children can learn to use early on in pursuing their dreams.”

Julia Pöyhönen
Psychologist and mother of compassionate girls

“I get to draw the world a better place, a circle at a time. Awesome!”

Matias Teittinen
Designer and father of a sweet Roundies fan

“A learning child is the most beautiful thing.”

Anne-Maria Kuusela
Writer and mother of a philosophical comedian

“I want to give children a chance to make the world an awesome place.”

Teemu Eskola
Marketing director and father of a boy with endless ideas

“Every child possesses great creativity and diverse skills. I dream, that by empowering emotional intelligence, all children will find their true potential.”

Mari Korkeamäki
CEO and mother of two brave girls

“I believe that every child has the right to be wanted, unconditionally loved, cared for, and respected. A happier child makes the world a happier place.”

Maryam Zarra-Nezhad
Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology. Psychologist and researcher in the area of child social-emotional development and parenting.