1. Remember to give positive feedback, acknowledging your child’s efforts and not only the achievements

Trying is more important than succeeding. It’s not always about the destination – the journey can also be of great value. Encourage your child to take the initiative and to try again. When playing together, it’s not about winning the game, but the quality time spent together playing.


2. Stop and celebrate together when things go well

Success is even sweeter when celebrated together! Having achieved something that required lots effort, take time to talk about how it feels to succeed. It can help children remember that glorious feeling later on.


3. Invent new ways to do things that are difficult

Sometimes things don’t go smoothly the first time around. When this happens, take a deep breath and think about alternative solutions: how could we do this differently? With just a little bit of creativity, hard tasks can become fun challenges. If a child is reluctant to put their toys away, turn it into a game – who can tidy the most toys first? Who will help the toys find a safe place to hide from the vacuum cleaner monster?


4. Be a role model for your child

Children are influenced by the adults around them. Pay attention to how you behave as a parent. If you give up easily, how can you expect a child to keep trying? Talking through difficult situations with a child can help encourage them to keep trying: “Well, this didn’t go very well. Never mind, let’s try again, I’m sure we’ll get there in the end.”


Tips Maija Nuorteva