Cranky Crabbie

Me grumpy? No way! That makes me grumpy! Arrgh!

Sisu Foxy

I never give up! If at first I don’t succeed, I try again! Onwards and upwards!


Everyone is good at something. I’m good at cheering – Hurray!

Bouncy Banana

I’m a non-stop motion machine – wheeeeee!

Wisey Elefancey

I’m old and wise and love solving problems on a full stomach.

Pinky Perfect

 I like everything to be just right all of the time!


 Arguing makes me sad. Peace and kisses to all!

Timid Penguin

 What’s that? Who’s there? I don’t like this!


 Being happy feels good – and I like to make others laugh too!


 I’m always the best at everything. Oh ok, maybe not always!

Zen Flamingos

 We are the masters of calm, the pink flock of peace. Ommm…