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What do you get excited about? How does it feel when you’re sad? The colourful world of Roundies teaches children important emotional skills in a creative and entertaining way.

Helping preschoolers learn emotional intelligence the fun way

Finland is famous for its high pedagogical standards and the Roundies stories are pedagogically designed to support the educational, social and emotional development of preschool children. The positive psychology behind the books helps children recognise their personal strengths while making sense of emotional responses. The stories explore many different themes including self-esteem, building positive relationships, dealing with disappointment and encouraging children to try, try again!

The Roundies stories are fun yet reassuring, and kids love them!

The Roundies live on all platforms: animation brings the characters to life and gives an entertaining insight into how different emotions feel. Books go deeper into emotional learning – and are designed to be read and discussed together with an adult. Mobile games are available for both younger children, who start with recognising and naming emotions, and older kids who can practice emotional control and social skills.

We are developing an app for parents, where they can follow their children’s emotional development. Parents get feedback on the emotions their children have worked on and also actionable tips on education.

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