28 09, 2018

2018 books in the stores now!

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The new Roundies books available now in Finnish bookstores in Finnish: Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, Info-bookstores, Adlibris-online bookstore and Suuri Suomalainen Kirjakerho. KissKiss Feels Left Out The Roundies are playing beach ball. KissKiss wants to play too, but fishes can’t play on land – they need water! KissKiss feels hurt and left out when nobody notices  the problem. Can the Roundies find [...]

6 09, 2018

Tips for managing jealousy

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1. Giving children Me Time Think about the balance in your family’s day-to-day life, and whether every child’s voice is being heard equally. It’s important that children do sometimes get what they’re asking for, or are made to feel like the centre of attention, or are given the chance to choose for themselves. It’s easy [...]

6 09, 2018

Tips for keeping children calm

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1. An evening routine Establish the same evening routine every night before going to bed. Repetition and familiarity will make your child feel safe and have a calming effect. Keep it simple, you could start with a bath, then brushing teeth, followed by a bedtime story and a goodnight cuddle.   2. Breathing and relaxation [...]

6 09, 2018

Tips to encourage inclusive play

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1. Draw on a child’s own experiences Does your child have personal experiences of bullying or being bullied? Or have there been times when your child has been left out of a game or not wanted to let someone else join in? How did that feel for? Talk it over with the child.   2. [...]