We are the Roundies!

Cranky Crabbie

Me grumpy? I disagree! Now I’m cross! And when I’m really cross I walk backwards and get even redder than I already am. Arghh!!

Feisty Foxy

I never give up! If at first I don’t succeed, I try again! Onwards and upwards!


You’re the best! You can do it! Together we’ll make it! Everybody is good at something. I’m good at cheering. Hip hip hooray!

Bouncy Bananana

A perpetual moving machine has been invented and it’s me! I can’t calm down even for a second. I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere! I’m megaloud! And my battery never runs out!

Wisey Elefancey

I’m old and wise. I love a hearty meal to help me solve problems. When my stomach is full, every tricky situation is a piece of cake for me… Buuurp!

Pretty Piggy

I hope everyone likes me. Do you like me? Am I round enough and pink enough?


I love you! I have so many kisses for you! I can sort out your quarrels with… yes you guessed it…with kisses! Would you like a hug?

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